Sunday, 27 September 2009

New Venture For Me in London.

I am now treating patients in CENTRAL LONDON.

Following discussions with 'World Renowned' Knee Consultant Mr Andrew Williams, I have recently begun treating and rehabilitating referrals of his patients and those of other top Consultants in London.

For the last month, I have been seeing patients in South Kensington.

I hope soon to have access to treatment rooms in Marylebone and Canary Wharf.

I have recently spoken to: Spinal Surgeon Damian Fahy, Knee Surgeons Sam Church, Jonathon Lavelle and Jonathon Webb, Shoulder Consultant Andrew Wallace, and Foot & Ankle Specialist James Calder and I should hopefully be receiving more referrals from them shortly.

Currently, I am working in London on Monday and Friday. Patients can make appointments with me by calling me direct on my mobile (07774 600244) I am still also treating patients here at the clinic in Chadwell Heath.

I will keep you informed as to when I expand my clinics.

Bye for now!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


During the summer I was approached by Consultant Ankle Specialist James Calder and asked to see Actor Rhys Ifans.

Rhys had suffered a fractured ankle whilst playing football, this caused him a problem as he was filming the new 'Nanny McPhee' Film (Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang)

Following a frustrating period in an 'Aircast Boot' Rhys sought treatment in Cardiff. However, he soon returned to filming and his home in London.

Rhys and I first met at the 'Virgin Active' Health Club in South Kensington. We continued treatment on the film set in Buckinghamshire. It was essential for me to mobilise and strap up Rhys's ankle prior to filming.

Fortunately, Rhys plays a character who is not required to be too active, and the slight limp added believable character to his role of 'Phill'

At the time of our treatment sessions Rhys was also involved in the filming of the next 'Harry Potter' film.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Portugal Pre Pre-Season:

For the third year in succession we flew to The Algarve - Vale Do Lobo for a preparation camp for pre-season training.

This year we had two old campaingners in Kieron Dyer and Craig Bellamy, who were accompanied by first timers David James and Leon McKenzie.

Craig Bellamy had attended PPC for treatment during the last 3 weeks of the season with a recurrance of a knee injury he had earlier on in the season. The problem had resolved by the 2nd week of the close season. Russell Holman travelled to Cardiff for nine days to work with Craig to complete the recovery process. Following a brief family holiday Craig joined us in Portugal for some early morning gruelling running on the soft sand, followed by equally tough gym and pitch based sessions in the late afternoon.

Kieron Dyer now fully recovered from his horrendous fracture, came to supplement his fitness prior to pre- season with West Ham.

Leon McKenzie has been attending the clinic in order that I can rehabilitate him from his ruptured achilles tendon. This was an excellent week for Leon who benefitted greatly from the forgiving soft sand. The sand enabled Leon to run aggressively without encountering jarring forces associated with decelerating. Due to the softness of the surface this required Leon to achieve an improved eccentric stretch capability.

David James:
David and I began working together at West Ham in 2001, when David suffered an injury to his Posterior Cruciate Ligament in an England game.

I have continued to manage Davids medical care during his time at Portsmouth.

Last David made me aware that his shoulder was a problem, we then had to manage the situation until an appropriate time arose for David to seek help. Once Pompey were safe from relegation David had surgury on his shoulder performed by Mr. Andrew Wallace at the King Edward V11 hospital. Part of Davids 'Glenoid Labrum' had become detached.

Two weeks after shoulder surgury David saw Mr. Andrew Williams for a knee operation. David had never had surgury on his knee and he had been getting discomfort getting up from the floor.

Mr. Williams partially removed a torn meniscus, and tidied up the articular surfaces.

Our plan was to sort out all Davids issues inorder that he will be fully fit for this seasons campaign and the forthcoming World Cup.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

African Adventure

As I mentioned on March 1st, I have been managing James' ankle injury. James returned to filming on 1st April and I followed him to Capetown a few days later, having finished Dean Ashton's work in Portugal.

My role in South Africa was to look at the situation James finds himself on set and to provide a programme of exercises that can be done to maintain and further improve his conditioning.

James and I stayed in a beautiful residence in the shadow of Table Mountain, the balconies and gardens provided an ideal and tranquil location for our rehabilitation work.

Filming requires early starts, we were on the road to our location by 6:30am and didn't arrive back till 8pm. It was a fascinating experience to see the filming of this TV series in such remote locations. The crew were excellent and very receptive to mine and James's needs to work whenever an opportunity arose.

Our second day included moving to a new location ,and would involve a lot more action scenes for James, this gave me an opportunity to liaise with the stunt coordinator. We planned the scenes in order to provide minimal risk to James!

Our final day together was a rest day from filming , but this gave us an opportunity to do an extensive session at the house - again, under the breathtaking back drop.

The whole trip was a fascinating insight into a completely different world for me, and I would relish the opportunity to do it again !

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dean Ashton

As most football fans are aware, Dean began this season on fire! He scored 2 goals in 10 minutes on the opening day of the 2008/09 season against Wigan. However, Dean was substituted by mistake when the medical team felt he had a calf strain. This turned out to be nothing more than cramp and the decision to substitute him, in front of Fabio Cappello, meant that Dean missed out on an England call up for the friendly against the Czech Republic.

Dean then suffered a problem during training at West Ham with his left ankle. His ankle suddenly became painful and blocked. Mr Calder, the ankle specialist saw Dean that day and felt it was due to a loose body that was in the joint.

Dean required keyhole surgery on Sept 30th 2008 which was performed by Mr Calder to remove this fragment and at the same time some scar tissue was removed.

Dean progressed well, however, in December he suffered sharp pain in the same ankle while running on the AlterG at Premier Physiotherapy Centre. Unfortunately this pain was caused by another bony prominence which was pinching a tendon when Dean pointed his toes.

World renowned ankle specialist Niek van Dyke, who operated on Christiano Ronaldo last summer, flew to London at Mr Calder's request to operate on Dean. Dean is now in the full swing of rehab and progressing well.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Busy Period

James Purefoy has injured his left ankle filming his TV series ' The Philanthropist' in Prague.

James Calder (Foot & Ankle Surgeon) has performed an operation to stabilise the ' Syndesmosis' this is the joint formed by the malleoloii of the Tibia and Fibula and the Talus bone.

I have visited James Purefoy at his home to assist him with his early treatment; he is using a 'Gameready' icing unit to assist with his post-op swelling.

He must spend 2 weeks Non Weight Bearing, then 2 weeks Partial Weight Bearing, and can them mobilise Full Weight Bearing from then on.

James must resume filming in South Africa in 6 weeks and John Green will be accompanying him for the initial period.

Dean Ashton is now 3 weeks since his posterior ankle arthroscopy with James Calder and Niek Van Dyke to remove a bony prominence from the inside of his ankle.

Dean has now begun his rehab in earnest and will be fit for pre-season, we will be videoing Dean’s work at various stages and this will be posted on our site!

THEONEBOX ran again Friday at Wolverhampton at 7:50pm finishing out of the top 3 unfortunately.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Acting Up!

This past few weeks in addition to my regular clients I have also been treating actor James Purefoy

James was filming in Africa when a day of action scenes ended with a badly pulled hamstring. Once he had had it scanned he was recommended to me for his rehab. James has worked very hard to regain his fitness and thankfully he is now ready to return to the thick of the action.

During his rehab James did lots of control and strength work as well as several sessions on our Anti gravity treadmill at Premier Physiotherapy Centre, Chadwell Heath, Essex.

Videos of the type of work I put James through will be posted on this site as well as more updates from me